The BMW iX or the Tesla Model X? Let’s Take a Look

Here’s why the BMW iX is the SUV for you. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

As the demand for all-electric SUVs continues its upward trajectory, the competition between manufacturers intensifies – and two of the top luxury utility vehicles competing head to head are the BMW iX and the Tesla Model X.

While both offer impressive features and performance, today we will take a closer look and review the opinions of those who have test driven both models. So, the BMW iX or the Tesla Model X? You be the judge.


The iX gives you performance and luxury in an eco-friendly package. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

The iX exudes an aggressively futuristic look that captivates attention. With its bold body lines and contours, the iX resembles a concept car brought to life, according to the Motor Biscuit website, which reviewed both cars. In contrast, the Tesla Model X, although futuristic in appearance, lacks the same level of uniqueness and innovation, appearing somewhat generic among other Teslas in the lineup.

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Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X. | Photo credit: Tesla

Enhanced Road Handling.

One area where the BMW iX surpasses the Tesla Model X is road handling capabilities, according to those who have test driven both cars. The iX incorporates adjustable air suspension, which not only provides a smooth and comfortable ride but also helps the vehicle maintain stability on various road surfaces. Additionally, the optional rear-wheel steering enhances maneuverability in tight spaces and low-speed scenarios.

2023 BMW iX
Cutting-edge performance, technology, and luxury. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

While the Model X handles decently, the iX offers a more refined and luxurious driving experience, outperforming its Tesla rival. “When it comes to these two electric crossovers, the BMW iX has got some serious moves that leave the Tesla Model X behind,” according to the Top Speed website.

“Both the cars are (large), but the iX manages to feel as light and nimble as a featherweight boxer, dancing around corners with impressive ease. With quick steering and nicely-managed body actions,  it’s an actual joy to drive, and you’d never guess that it is as heavy as it is.” The magazine also cited BMW’s superior braking system with enhanced stopping power over the Tesla Model X. 

Luxury SUV
Meet the BMW iX: the electric standard. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

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Premium Interior Craftsmanship.

Step inside the iX, and you will be greeted by a beautifully crafted interior that exudes elegance and quality. The iX incorporates recycled materials like old fishing nets and nylon waste, showcasing BMW’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury. The driver-centric cockpit features a 12.3-inch driver info display seamlessly integrated with a 14.9-inch infotainment screen, creating a visually stunning and functional environment.

BMW iX interior
This is a luxuriously crafted space designed around your needs, and the possibilities are endless. | Photo credit: BMW

In comparison, the Model X offers a futuristic interior design, but the iX’s robust and solid construction sets it apart. As Top Speed put it: “In terms of luxury the BMW iX is definitely a better option than the Tesla Model X. Though both brands are famous for making high-end cabins when it comes to luxury, no one stands a chance against BMW as it specifically uses a lot of innovative methods to develop its cabins. The iX features high-quality materials, consistent craftsmanship, and an attractive design. The second you enter the cabin you will feel like you have entered into a fairly whole new world. The interior of the Model X, on the other hand, is attractive, but it doesn’t really match the luxury of the iX interior. It’s nice, but it’s not what you paid for. You will not get the premium feeling in Model X.”

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Tesla Model X
Interior of the Tesla Model X. | Photo credit: Tesla

Seamless Smartphone Integration.

In today’s connected world, seamless smartphone integration is crucial for many drivers. The BMW iX understands this need and offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. This means you can easily integrate your smartphone with the iX’s infotainment system, accessing your favorite apps, music, and navigation services effortlessly. BMW technology tends to outshine the competitors in this area, even Tesla.

Luxury SUV interior
Prepare for cutting-edge performance, technology, and luxury in the 2023 iX. | Photo credit: BMW

While both the iX and the Tesla Model X offer exceptional all-electric SUV options, the iX clearly rises to the top in several key areas. By choosing the BMW iX, you not only embrace a futuristic and sustainable driving experience but also enjoy the luxury and performance that BMW is known for worldwide.

Deciding between all-electric SUVs can be challenging. But by keeping these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision and select the all-electric SUV that best suits your preferences and needs.

As Motor Biscuit magazine put it: “The BMW iX is easy to get in and out of. And once you’re in, the interior of the iX is gorgeous to look at. You would probably never guess that the interior materials are made from recycled (items). You’ll notice that the iX looks and feels solid.”

Our BMW Palm Springs team is ready to put you inside your dream SUV. Visit us today! | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

The BMW iX is a class of its own. Pure innovation. Pure luxury. Truly BMW.

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